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The Elite are on the road to disaster as Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page are set to defend the AEW Tag Team Titles against The Young Bucks at AEW Revolution!

Breaking The Elite | AEW Aftershock 18

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The Young Bucks did the impossible and won the Tag Team Battle Royal to determine the challengers for the AEW Tag Team Championships at AEW Revolution on February 29th! Nick was eliminated leaving Matt alone against Santana and Ortiz, but he pulled it off. With Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega successfully retaining their titles, they are set to defend against The Young Bucks. It’s Elite vs. Elite!

Jon Moxley managed to defeat Jeff Cobb, but that brought on a beat down by the entire Inner Circle. But who would come to MOX’s rescue? None other than Dustin Rhodes and the returning Darby Allin!

Nyla Rose doesn’t think anyone can stand up to her, but Kris Statlander and Big Swole say otherwise!

And Cody moonsaults his way to victory over Wardlow from atop a 20 foot high steel cage!

We talk about all this and more!

  • AEW Dark Results
  • AEW Dynamite Results
  • AEW Aftershock Moving to TheAWECast
  • New AEW Action Figures from Wicked Cool Toys
  • Previewing This Week’s AEW Dark and Dynamite
  • And more!

Who stood out? What is different about AEW? What did we like and what did we think could be improved? We talk about it all!

If you have never watched All Elite Wrestling (AEW), let us help you get off the fence and see why you should give it a shot!

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