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Thor Goes Blind

Thor goes blind in the latest issue to face the Black Winter? And how powerful is he that he can take and give back the Power Cosmic at a whim? This and more on this week’s Comic Book Weekly!

Thor Goes Blind! | Comic Book Weekly 22

This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about the ramifications of the Black Winter and Thor going blind in service to Galactus, the return of the Lifeline Tablet in Amazing Spider-Man, the announcement of DCeased 2, Buffy’s Willow getting her own mini-series, we learn if Amidala is alive, Nightwing gets a new outfit, the Brood return in X-Men, Cable #1, Decorum #1, plus Big Books, Top 5, Under the Radar, Chopping Block, Key Issues and more!

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  • Savage #1 from Valiant Announcement Through YouTuber Comicstorian
  • Shang Chi Gets Mini-Series
  • DCeased 2 Officially Announced
  • Si Spurrier Takes Over Justice League in June
  • Shazam Gets New Creative Team
  • DC Generations Missing from Solicits
  • Willow Gets Mini-Series


Under the Radar


  • Michael – Robyn Hood: Vigilante #5
  • Chris – Death to the Army of Darkness #2
  • Kat – Snotgirl #15
  • Brant – Bloodshot #7
  • Mike SS – Stealth #1


Big Books


  • Cable #1
  • Decorum #1
  • Young Justice #14
  • Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #1
  • Go Go Power Rangers #30
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #41
  • Dollhouse Family #5
  • X-Men #8
  • The Flash #751
  • Thor #4


Chopping Block


  • Decorum
  • Cable
  • Transformers

Key Issues


  • Aquaman #58
  • Batman #91
  • DCeased: Unkillables #2
  • Robin 80th Anniversary 100-Page Super Spectacular #1
  • Fantastic Four #20
  • Outlawed #1
  • Spider-Woman #1
  • Valkyrie: Jane Foster #9
  • Power Rangers/TMNT #4
  • Red Mother #4

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