All DELETE Wrestling! | AEW Aftershock


DELETE! DELETE! DELETE! Matt Hardy made his debut in All Elite Wrestling last Wednesday on AEW Dynamite. Plus The Inner Circle faced The Elite, and more!

All DELETE Wrestling! | AEW Aftershock 21

Cody began the show with a heartfelt speech about the current social climate and how all of AEW is banding together, but especially The Elite need to be on the same page and come together to defeat The Inner Circle once and for all. Matt Jackson and Kenny Omega joined him in the ring both giving their two cents in front of the empty arena in Jacksonville. Hangman Adam Page even showed up to tip his glass confirming he had their backs.

The audience was sprinkled with a few AEW wrestlers to round out the show and give just a taste of normalcy to a wrestling event. Their banter and cheers and jeers added to the overall enjoyment of the product. MJF and Shawn Spears gambling over the matches, Colt Cabana being interviewed and slapping Kip Sabian and more.

Several live matches took place carrying on various feuds and grudges as outside interference played a part. The Exalted One of The Dark Order was revealed as Brodie Lee made his AEW debut, and Matt Hardy and his drone would make their appearance to close out the show.

We discuss this and more!

  • AEW Dark
  • AEW Dynamite
  • Previews for This Week’s Shows
  • Blood & Guts Postponed
  • A Stacked AEW Dark This Week
  • How AEW Handled no audience action vs. how WWE handled it.
  • How we are doing in this crisis.
  • Why there’s hammering at Chris’ house.
  • And more!

Who stood out? What is different about AEW? What did we like and what did we think could be improved? We talk about it all!

If you have never watched All Elite Wrestling (AEW), let us help you get off the fence and see why you should give it a shot!

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