Rick Jones is… The Leader in Immortal Hulk?! | Comic Book Weekly

Rick Jones is… The Leader in Immortal Hulk?! | Comic Book Weekly 24

This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about the revelation in Immortal Hulk #33 of The Leader masquerading as Rick Jones! Plus the end of Curse of the White Knight, Transformers facing off against The Terminator, the TMNT getting back together again, no digital comics from DC and other publishers until at least the end of April, AWA working with Webtoons and Tapas, Locke & Key renewed for season 2, updates on what we’re doing with CBW, plus Big Books, Top 5, Under the Radar, Chopping Block and more!



AWA Works with Tapas and Webtoons to Launch Titles During Diamond Crisis
DC Exploring Multi Distrubutor Model
Boom Haults Digital and Printed
DC To Not Release Digitally
Sean Murphy’s Concept Art for New Creator Owned Title
Dynamite Not Releasing Digitally During Diamond Hiatus
Marvel to Not Release Digitally
Image No New Titles Digitally or Printed

Wonder Woman Voice Actress Teases The Justice League Cartoon for 2021

Locke and Key Renewed for Season 2

IDW’s October Faction Cancelled

Under the Radar


Michael – Sonic The Hedgehog #27
Chris – Ghostbusters Year one #3
Kat – Crowded #12
Brant – Once & Future #7
Mike SS – Star #3

Big Books

-Road to Empyre #1

-XO Manowar #1

-Batman Curse of the White Knight #8

-Hellions #1

-TMNT #104

-The Flash #752

-Giant Size X-Men: Nightcrawler #1

-Suicide Squad #4

-Transformers Vs. Terminator #1

-The immortal Hulk #33

-X-Men #9

-Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #49


Chop Block


-Killing Red Sonja




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