Dan Slott Leaves Iron Man | Comic Book Weekly

Dan Slott Leaves Iron Man | Comic Book Weekly

This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about Dan Slott exiting the Iron Man series, Doctor Aphra releasing early for Star Wars Day, Judd Winnick’s return to superheroes, AWA signing with Diamond, a Transformers origin movie, Marvel delaying new comics until May 27th, Jeff Lemire’s Kickstarter and more!




Dan Slott Leaves Iron Man
AWA Signs Up with Diamond
Judd Winnick Returns to Superheroes
Marvel Releasing Books Starting May 27th
Doctor Aphra Debuts Early
Jeff Lemire and Matt Kindt have a New Graphic Novel on Kickstarter
New Distributors in Talks With Other Publishers
Tom Taylor Superman Tease
Revised list for May 20th
Transformers Origin Movie
Following the DC Animated Universe – A New Superman Animated Film
TAIKA WAITITI – Thor Director on New Star Wars Film

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