Kickstart the Week(end) with Like Father, Like Daughter #1-6

By: Nicole D’Andria

Continue the superhero drama faced by Casey Ryder in this Kickstarter featuring the first 6 issues of Like Father, Like Daughter! Published for the first time under the Comic Uno brand! I talked in-depth with the creator herself, Kat Calamia!

Casey Ryder is the daughter who inherits her superpowers from her father, the world’s only superhero, “Invulnerable”! But having left his family to be a superhero ten years before, “Invulnerable” isn’t a hero in Casey’s eyes! Now she must learn to master these powers… the very powers that made her father leave! Can the two reconnect? And what will we learn about her mother’s secret double life? Find out in the sixth issue!

Creator/writer Kat Calamia (They Call Her… The Dancer) is well-known as Comic Uno, a weekly comic book reviewer on Youtube who also works for Newsarama and DC Comics’ DC Universe! The rest of the creative team includes artist Wayne A. Brown (Lesbian Zombies from Outer Space), colorist Lisa Moore (Garfield, Peanuts), and letterer Matt Bowers (American Dreams, Crucified)

The project has already reached its $5,000 goal and will be continuing until June 25, 2020, at 8:31 PM EDT. Get a digital ($5) and physical ($10) copy of Like Father, Like Daughter #6. Also enjoy a variety of variant covers, including the “Pride Month” cover by Wayne A. Brown/Lisa Moore to celebrate Pride month ($20), a cover by Sarah “Comickergirl” Leuver ($30), and a Black and White EV Cantada cover ($30).

There’s also an indie book bundle for any tier you pledge, so you can enjoy other digital comics like Katrina Hates the Dead, Afterglow, and my ongoing series Road Trip to Hell! You can check out the rest of this bundle and the other reward tiers on the official Kickstarter page.

Enjoy an in-depth interview with Kat Calamia!

Writer – Kat Calamia

Me: For people unfamiliar with previous issues of Like Father, Like Daughter, can you get them up to speed with a brief summary of the first 5 issues?

Calamia: Like Father, Like Daughter is about a father with superpowers, who leaves his wife and daughter to become “Invulnerable” – the world’s only superhero. Ten years later his daughter, Casey, discovers that she has inherited the very superpowers that made her father leave their family.

Six issues later – Casey and Invulnerable begin to reconnect, but is it too late? Following Like Father, Like Daughter #5’s big revelation – issue 6 lifts the curtain on Casey’s mother’s double life.

Me: You mention this issue is all about the villains—what can you tell us about them?

Calamia: So yes it’s revealed in issue 5 that Jessica, Casey’s mother, has actually been the villain the entire time. We learn that she’s been working for the KGB, who has been targeting Jim for quite some time, well, actually his whole life. Without spoiling too much, this issue reveals the motives behind why the KGB want Jim and we really get to see a whole different side of Jessica.

Me: Who is your favorite villain in all of comics and why are they your favorite? Have you taken any inspiration from them—whether it be from their character or how you feel when reading about them—when writing your villains?

Calamia: I would say it’s a tie between The Joker and Green Goblin. I don’t think my villains are anything like The Joker – quite the opposite. The Joker does what he does for anarchy, while our villains do it for order. If Jessica and the KGB are anything like an established comic book villain – I would say Green Goblin is a good fit. Especially, his internal struggle for power, while still trying to keep his relationship with his son intact.

Cover B – “The Future/Celebrating Pride Month” – Wayne A. Brown

Me: This Kickstarter features a special variant cover, “The Future/Celebrating Pride Month,” which showcases Stephanie and Faith’s relationship. Can you tell us a bit more about this couple and why you feel this representation is so important in comics?

Calamia: I’m very excited for the world to read about Stephanie and Faith’s relationship! We’re going to start seeing some very small hints to Stephanie struggling to accept her sexuality in the next issue with this storyline fully being explored around issue 9 or 10.

As I mention on the Kickstarter page, I feel like there are plenty of coming out stories in media, but not many for bisexual people. I wanted to show Stephanie starting to come to terms with herself, and exactly what that looks like. Many of the bisexual storylines I’ve seen are characters who already fully understand that they are attracted to both men and women – but just like being gay, lesbian, or any other sexual identity there’s a self-discovery journey to figure out one’s sexuality. I wanted to showcase how it feels, what it truly looks like to be bisexual – as you come to terms with who you are.

Representation is important because everyone wants to be seen, and there is a huge conversation in the queer community about bi-visibility and the lack thereof both in the community and media, and I hope this comic can further that conversation.

Like Father, Like Daughter/The Last Ember Linnea Jalando-on Print

Me: Similar to the HAUNTING Kickstarter, which we featured on “Kickstart the Week” series a couple of months back, you’re featuring an attractive digital comics bundle for anyone who backs your Kickstarter. Can you tell us a bit about how you came up with the idea to do these and what these digital books are all about?

Calamia: I love the Kickstarter community and indie comic books and I wanted to feature some of my favorite indie comic books to my readers and the wider Kickstarter community. I have to thank those creators to help me give the chance to help spread the word. If we reach all our stretch goals – we’ll be giving away about 20 digital comics for as low as a $1 so readers have a chance to sample a diverse amount of books and hopefully find their new favorite.

Me: You also mention a couple of other Kickstarters in connection with your own, The Last Ember: Reforged #1. For people who like your book, why would they enjoy Last Ember in particular, and how does it connect with Like Father, Like Daughter?

Calamia: One of my good friends, Brant Fowler, is the creator for Last Ember: Reforged and I’m so happy we’ve been able to launch our campaigns together and offer a beautiful print by @PapurrCat if you back both our campaigns at a physical level.

It’s interesting as we’ve done our cross-promotions, we’ve learned just how similar the themes for Last Ember and LFLD are. Both are teens who don’t want their abilities but have a bigger legacy that they must confront that forces them to explore their powers.

Cover C – Black and White – “Family Reunion” – E.V. Cantada

Me: Have you run into any unexpected issues while running your Kickstarter during the pandemic? Do you have any advice for creators looking to run a crowdfunding campaign during these chaotic times?

Calamia: Some days are better than others, I would just say make sure you’re prepared with as much promotion you can do before you launch because you never know what the next day is going to bring.

Me: Can you tell us a bit about your brand, Comic Uno, and what people can expect from it in the near future?

Calamia: Comic Uno is my YouTube channel where I review comic books on a weekly basis. Right now I’ve been having fun, of course, reviewing comics but also doing reviews for The Loud House, the Harley Quinn TV show, and a monthly video series where I feature the best comic books on Kickstarter.

Me: Thanks for your time, Kat! Congrats again on your successful Kickstarter (though with your track record, I had no doubt it would be a success!). Readers can check out the official Kickstarter page here.

Cover D – “Welcome to the Band” – Sarah Leuver AKA ComickerGirl

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