Who Will Win the X of Swords? | Comic Book Weekly

X of Swords

The X of Swords tournament has begun and it’s not going the way the X-Men had hoped. Who will win, and is Saturnyne just screwing with them?

Who Will Win the X of Swords? | Comic Book Weekly

This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about Marauders #15, Wolverine #7, and Excalibur #14 as we take a deep dive into X of Swords, the new Wonder Girl TV Show/ ongoing comic book, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank (The Doomsday Clock) creative team joining Image Comics with Geiger, plus Big Books, Top 5, Under the Radar, Most Anticipated and more!




  • A New X-Men Series – SWORD
  • Lanc Briggs and Kyle Higgins Team Up for Kickstarter Book
  • Single Issues of BRZRKR Delayed
  • Terry Moore Announces New Series – Serial
  • More Phantasm Stories Post Batman/Catwoman
  • Black Widow Release Date Moved Again
  • John Cena’s Suicide Squad Peacemaker Gets a HBO Max Spin-Off
  • Boys Spin-off Show Coming
  • Nick Fury to Star in New Disney Plus Show
  • Hawkman Will Be in Black Adam

Under the Radar


  • Kat – Red Mother #10
  • Brant – The Adept #1
  • Mike – Champions #2

Big Books


  • Punchline Special #1
  • Taskmaster #1
  • X of Swords Tie-ins (Excalibur #14, Marauders #15, Wolverine #7)
  • Seven Secrets #4
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #52 and #52.LR
  • Iron Man #3
  • Wonder Woman #766

Chopping Block


  • Champions (Half Chop)
  • Wonder Woman (Half Chop)


Most Anticipated


  • X of Swords Tie-ins (X-Force #14, Hellions #5, Cable #6)
  • Fantastic Four #26
  • Black Magick #16
  • Spider-Woman #6
  • Stillwater #3
  • Symbiote Spider-Man: King in Black #1
  • Commanders in Crisis #2
  • Dead Day #5
  • Widowmakers: Red Guardian and Yelena Belova #1

Check out Kat and Brant’s Kickstarters!

Like Father, Like Daughter #1-7: A Superhero Drama

A high school girl, Casey Ryder, inherits the very powers that made her superhero father leave their family.

The Last Ember: Hunted #1 – Urban Fantasy Mystery Comic

Ember is hunted by a serial killer, harassed by bullies, and nothing is as it seems in this latest installment in The Last Ember saga!

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