(PODCAST) Kickstart the Week with Band of Warriors #1

Kickstart the Week Band of Warriors #1

Welcome to the second episode of the Kickstart the Week podcast! This is your Comic Maven Nicole D’Andria. I’ve done hundreds of text interviews with creators of crowdfunding projects, typically for comic books on Kickstarter. I feel very honored that my second guest is the founder of Signal Comics, Samuel George London. Today we’re talking about his Kickstarter for Band of Warriors #1, which combines historical events with a mixture of Celtic and Greek mythology. Sam is the creator and writer of this mature series, which is perfect for fans of 300 and Birthright. Be prepared for bloodshed and backstabbing! Just like last time, for full disclosure purposes, I’ve known Sam for a couple of years and done editing work for many books from Signal Comics, including this issue of Band of Warriors. So, I have already read the book, and I’m also one of its Kickstarter backers.

Thanks for listening to this little experiment of mine. Please let me know what you thought of the episode by mentioning me on your socials @Comic_Maven on Twitter. Also check out the first episode of the podcast, which features Brant Fowler talking about The Last Ember.

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