Could the Marvel Universe be Reborn in 2021? | Comic Book Weekly


Heroes Reborn returns as Marvel celebrates the 25th Anniversary of the original event. Could the Marvel Universe be reborn as a result?

Could the Marvel Universe be Reborn in 2021? | Comic Book Weekly

This week on our comic book podcast we discuss a new Marvel Reborn, voting for a new member on the X-Men, a Magic The Gathering Comic Book from BOOM! Studios, the newest installment of King In Black, all the Future State books, plus Big Books, Top 5, Under the Radar, Chopping Block, Most Anticipated, our upcoming Kickstarter and more!



  • Captain Marvel Gets Mystical New Costume
  • Marvel Teases Celebration for Heroes Reborn
  • Female Marvel Heroes Get Anthology Book
  • Deadpool Ongoing Ending?
  • Brian Michael Bendis’ No Longer DC Exclusive? (RUMOR)
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Gets a New Lineup
  • BOOM! Acquires Rights to Magic: The Gathering
  • Major Creators Unite for Image Comics Horror Anthology
  • Readers Vote for the Last Member on Jean Grey and Cyclops’ Team
  • The Walking Dead Season 10 Extended Trailer

Under the Radar


  • Kat – Cable #7
  • Brant – Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1
  • Mike – Maestro: War & Pax #1

Big Books


  • King in Black #3
  • Stillwater #5
  • The Avengers #41
  • Scumbag #4
  • X-Force #16
  • Black Cat #2

DC Future State


  • Future State: The Next Batman #2
  • Future State: Immortal Wonder Woman #1
  • Future State: Superman: Worlds of War #1
  • Future State: Nightwing #1
  • Future State: Catwoman #1
  • Future State: SHAZAM #1


Most Anticipated


  • X-Men #17
  • Daredevil #26
  • Captain Marvel #25
  • Firefly #25
  • Future State: Dark Detective #2
  • Future State: Batman/Superman #1
  • Future State: Suicide Squad #1
  • Future State: Aquaman #1
  • Future State: Legion of Super-Heroes #1
  • Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex #1

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