Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 6/16/21

Welcome to Comic Frontline’s Top 5 Panels! Each week, the cast of Comic Frontline unite to pick our Top 5 comic book panels from the week, and then you all get to vote below on which panel was your favorite! In next week’s post, we will announce the winner from the poll.

Last Week’s Winning Panel YOU Voted for – DC Pride #1 – Keep Errands Close


Now, onto this week’s picks…


5. Fantastic Four #33 -JOHNNY!



The family’s reaction had me rolling. Love the paneling/the use of Reed’s powers here.


4. Seven Secrets #9 – He’s ALIVE!



I did not see that coming!


3. Stillwater #8 – I Want To Live



I really enjoyed how this issue built a back story for one of the main town members. Hope to see more issues like this.


2. Nightwing #81 – I’m Your Sister



I’m so excited to see where this title goes from here.


1. Nightwing #81 – I Have Three



Loved this line!



5. Fantastic Four #33 – Walk Down the Aisle




Nice of Ben to walk Victorious down the aisle. However, what made this panel was their conversation.


4. Venom #200 – Take Some Fries



Spider-Man just wanted some fries, however he should have asked first.


3. Fantastic Four #33 – Honesty



Victorious just wanted to be honest about her one night stand with Johnny.



Which led to Namor cracking up, which led to me cracking up!! Plus, ultimate chaos at the wedding.


2. Venom #200 – New Venom



This whole scene checking out Dylan as the new Venom was pretty cool. So excited to see what is next.


1. Nightwing #81 – I’m Your Sister




My jaw dropped with the end of this issue! Did not see this coming.


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Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 6/16/21

Fantastic Four #33 -JOHNNY!
Seven Secrets #9 – He’s ALIVE!
Stillwater #8 – I Want To Live
Nightwing #81 – I’m Your Sister
Nightwing #81 – I Have Three
Fantastic Four #33 – Walk Down the Aisle
Venom #200 – Take Some Fries
Fantastic Four #33 – Honesty
Venom #200 – New Venom

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