Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 8/25/21

Welcome to Comic Frontline’s Top 5 Panels! Each week, the cast of Comic Frontline unite to pick our Top 5 comic book panels from the week, and then you all get to vote below on which panel was your favorite! In next week’s post, we will announce the winner from the poll.

Last Week’s Winning Panel YOU Voted for – Nightwing #83 – The Call

Now, onto this week’s picks…

5. Thor #16 – It’s Valkyrie





Thor no more!


4. Robin #5 – Cass Is Going to Be Jealous



Will we see Cass show up in this book?


3. Thor #16 – Accents



I love their playfulness!


2. Robin #5 – Robin Traits



Williamson pinpoints what makes each Robin great!


1. Robin #5 – My Robin



My eyes are misty!



5. Something is Killing the Children #19 – The Test



Erica survived the test, now she is ready for what’s next.


4. Spider-Man: Life Story Annual #1 – Ultimate Spider Slayer



Love that Norman spent his last few years of his life building The Spider-Slayer Armor for Jonah so he can actually take on Scorpion.


3. Black Widow #10 – Widow Team



A new Widow Team is born!!


2. Black Widow #10 – I Love Hawkeyes



Yelena loves Kate, but doesn’t want to admit it.


1. The Amazing Spider-Man #72 – Cost You




WOW First Peter Now Norman Osborn!!


Vote For Your Favorite Panel!


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