Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 9/27/21

Welcome to Comic Frontline’s Top 5 Panels! Each week, the cast of Comic Frontline unite to pick our Top 5 comic book panels from the week, and then you all get to vote below on which panel was your favorite! In next week’s post, we will announce the winner from the poll.

Last Week’s Winning Panel YOU Voted for – Nightwing #84 – Son

Now, onto this week’s picks…


Honorable Mention – Darkhawk #2 – BLAM #2!



What a cliffhanger!


5. Thor #17 – Should Of Never Had A Daughter


Angela did Odin dirty.


4. The Amazing Spider-Man #74 – She Would Have Loved You



Gwen always had a good heart.


3. Thor #17 – God of The Hunt



Sick burn!


2. The Amazing Spider-Man #74 – Helping Hand 



MJ will always be there to save the day.


1. The Amazing Spider-Man #74 – The Future



Will we ever see this explored?


Honorable Mention: X-Men: Inferno #1 – Well Played



I just really liked Mr. Sinister’s expression here knowing Mystique outsmarted Charles and Magneto!


I almost had like 4 other Honorable Mentions!


5. Crossover #8 – Meta Comic




Sure, the Powers cameos were cool, but “how it should have ended” presented in thumbnail comic page format was just a nice touch.


4. Robin #6 – Next



The shot of how Damian dispatched of this opponent is just beautifully gruesome.


3. Superman: Son of Kal-El #3 – Starstruck



Jon’s friend’s obsession with Lois Lane was done so well here, from the speechless to the foot in the mouth moments, it was just priceless.


2. Darkhawk #2 – Miles and Ganke Cameo!



This was just such a fun and seamless guest spot by the duo and made perfect sense for the characters. And it also led to a nice little occurrence of Spidey in full gear as well, continuing the tradition of Spidey elevating new heroes!


1. Thor #17 – Angela’s Threat



Now I’m not the biggest Angela fan, but man, the setting and tone of her threat to Thor and Odin was too powerful to ignore!



5. Detective Comics #1043 – Asking Questions



4. Extreme Carnage: Omega #1 – The Calvary



3. TMNT #121 – One Wat To Stop Hob



2. Action Comics #1035 – I’ll Always Come Back



1. Superman 78 #2 – Quick Change




Honorable Mention – Miles and Ganke Cameo!


Miles makes a cameo in this issue!


5. The Amazing Spider-Man #74 – Harry’s Soul



Well Harry’s soul is free. Let’s see how long it takes for him to come back again.


4. The Amazing Spider-Man #74 – Forever Together



Always love seeing these two together! Maybe in the the next run they will actually get married.


3. Extreme Carnage Omega #1 – An Entrance



This is a way to make an entrance.


2. Crossover #8 – Powers



Great scene when the characters of Powers come on in and Ellie wants to take them on.


1. Robin #6 – Jealousy 



I think Damian is a little jealous that Flatline had that cool Mortal Kombat Fatality.


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