Best Comic Books of 2021 (Cover Artist, Event, One-Shot, Cover, New Character)

The Comic Frontline crew throughout the month of December discuss the best comic books of the year! This week they cover best cover artist, best event, best one-shot, new character and best cover.

Best Cover Artist


5. Marcelo Costa (Radiant Black)



Marcelo’s covers are just as jaw dropping as his interior art!


4. Bruno Redondo (Nightwing)



I love when the interior artist also does work for the main covers.


3. Russell Dauterman (Marauders)



I’ve been happy to see Dauterman doing more cover work, and his take on Emma and Kitty are especially wonderful to have in my long boxes.


2. Kris Anka (Runaways)



I already miss seeing a Kris Anka cover every month!


1. Adam Hughs (Black Widow)



The concepts Hugh’s comes up with for these covers blow my mind!



5. Greg Horn



4. Adam Hughs (Black Widow)



3. Jeehyung Lee



2. Bruno Redondo (Nightwing)



1. Artgerm





4. Adam Hughs (Black Widow)



3. Artgerm



2. Warren Louw



1. Gabriele Dell’Otto



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Best Event



1. King In Black



I love an event that connects to a previous series and really builds up to the whole superhero universe getting involved.



2. Future State



1. King In Black




4. King In Black



3. Future State



2. Hellfire Gala



1. Heroes Reborn



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Best One Shot/Graphic Novel



5. Heroes Reborn: Night Gwen #1



Heroes Reborn is all about putting a new twist on beloved characters. Gwen is the queen of reinvention, and Night Gwen’s new angle doesn’t disappoint. I especially enjoyed the queer undertones!


4. Spider-Man Life Story Annual #1



I really enjoyed Chip’s take on Spider-Man with his original life story run. The annual gives another layer to the world by focusing on JJJ.


3. Green Lantern 2021 Annual



I never thought I’d see the day where Jessica joined the Sinestro Corp, but this issue really sold me on the idea.


2. Heroes Reborn: Peter Parker The Amazing Shutterbug #1



Spider-Man doesn’t make the hero, Peter Parker does.


1. Jinny Hex Special #1



This felt like a pilot episode for a whole new series. The one-shot sets the groundwork for so many rich stories!



5. Batman Secret Files: Huntress #1



4. Peter Parker: The Amazing Shutterbug #1



3. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Tea Time #1



2. Darkhawk: Heart of the Hawk #1



1. Heroes Reborn: Night Gwen #1





2. Spider-Man Life Story Annual #1



1. Heroes Reborn: Peter Parker The Amazing Shutterbug #1



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Best Cover



5. Runaways #100



Celebration of the original and modern!

Art By: Kris Anka


4. Nightwing #86



God, I love seeing the Batgirls side by side.

Art By: Jamal Campbell


3. Marauders #25



A bloody homage to Kitty Pryde with Emma Frost, what more can you ask for!

Art By: Russell Dauterman


2. Nightwing #81



Nightwing celebrating pride!

Art By: Travis Moore


1. Black Widow #7



Sequentials on a cover!

Art By: Adam Hughs



5. Batman #108



Art By: Art Germ


4. Wonder Girl #1



Art By: Joelle Jones


3. Silk #1



Art By: Jeehyung Lee


2. Swamp Thing #1



Art By: Francesco Mattina


1. Inferno #1



Art By: Artgerm


5. Marvel #6



Art By: Lee Bermenjo


4. Inferno #1



Art By: Artgerm


3. Wonder Woman: Black And Gold #1



Art By: Warren Louw


2. Legends of The Dark Knight #1



Art By: Warren Louw


1. Harley Quinn #1



Art By: Warren Louw


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Best New Character 



5. Zadie Lu (Shadecraft)



Zadie’s relationship with her family really made her a well rounded character.


4. Connor Young (Darkhawk)



As someone who never got into the original Darkhawk stories, Connor was a great gateway to the character.


3. Yara Flor (Wonder Girl)



Her humor is electrifying!


2. Radiant Black



I’m cheating here a little. This includes both Nathan and Marshall!


1. Jay Nakamura (Superman: Son of Kal-El)



I’ve really enjoyed Jay and Jon’s friendship that eventually blossomed into romance.



5. Zadie Lu (Shadecraft)



4. Val Riggs (Nocterra)



3. Marshall (Radiant Black)



2. Connor Young (Darkhawk)



1. Yara Flor (Wonder Girl)




5. Marshall (Radiant Black)



4. Rusty (Stray Dogs)



3. Val Riggs (Nocterra) 



2. Connor Young (Darkhawk)



1. Yara Flor (Wonder Girl)



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