Best Comic Books of 2021 (Couple, Friendship, Breakout Talent, Moment, Male Character)

The Comic Frontline crew throughout the month of December discuss the best comic books of the year! This week they cover best Couple, Friendship, Breakout Talent, Moment, and Male Character.

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Best Couple



5. Behnard and Tim (Batman: Urban Legends)



A rather new romance that I’m very excited to see develop further in 2022.


4. Jay and Jon (Superman: Son of Kal-El)



Speaking of bisexuals, another great new romance from the year.


3. Nightwing and Batgirl (Nightwing)



I love how these 2 are slowly rekindling their relationship.


2. MJ and Peter Parker (The Amazing Spider-Man)



Peter has gone through a lot this year, and MJ has always stuck by his side (and even gone a few adventures of her own).


1. Karolina and Nico (Runways)



God, I already miss seeing these 2 every month.



5. Emily & Doyle (Strange Academy)



4. Wiccan & Hulking



3. Northstar & Kyle (X-Factor)



2. Owen & Kellie Johnson (Fire Power)



1. Peter & MJ (The Amazing Spider-Man)




3. Kelly and Owen Johnson (Firepower)



2. Barbara Gordon and Dick Grayson (Nightwing)



1. Mary Jane and Peter Parker (Spider-Man)



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Best Friendship



5. Jackson & Andi (Future State: Aquaman)



I hope this is something we get to see unravel more in 2022. I really enjoyed these 2 issues because of their connection with each other.


4. Fantastic Four



The Fantastic Four has had a wonderful year under the leadership of Dan Slott.


3. Steph & Cass (Batgirls)



It’s great that we are ending out the year with these 2 starring in a book together because the little moments we get to see with them really shine.


2. Runaways



One of the true highlights of this book was the team’s chemistry with each other!


1. Marshall and Nathan (Radiant Black)



You understood their brotherhood even more once Nathan was gone.



5. Runaways



4. Steph & Cass (Batgirls)



3. Kate Bishop & America Chavez 



2. Jessica & Carol (Spider-Woman)



1. Marshall & Nathan (Radiant Black)




3. The Stray Dogs (Stray Dogs)



2. Marshall and Nathan (Radiant Black)



1. Jessica Drew and Lindsay The Babysitter (Spider-Woman)



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Best Breakout Talent



3. Brandon Thomas (Aquaman)



Thomas nailed it on both Future State and the Jackson Hyde maxi series.


2. Meghan Fitzmartin (Batman Urban Legends)



Meghan made waves with one of DC’s biggest stories this year with the reveal of Tim Drake being Bi.


1. Marcelo Costa (Radiant Black)



Marcelo’s pencils are out of this world, which he really got to flex in Radiant Black #10!



5. Ram V (Catwoman)



4. Bruno Redondo (Nightwing)



3. Marcelo Costa (Radiant Black)



2. Lee Garbett (Shadecraft)



1. Federico Sabbatini (Amazing Spider-Man, Darkhold: Blade)




3. Bruno Redondo (Nightwing)



2. Marcelo Costa (Radiant Black)



1. Tony Fleecs (Stray Dogs)



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Best Moment


5. Robins Team Up (Robin)



We need more comics like this!


4. Marshall Takes Over The Radiant Black Mantle (Radiant Black)



3. Supergirl and Wonder Woman Are In A Relationship (Dark Knights of Steel)



I did not see this coming, but it made me even more excited for this book!


2. Jon Kent Kisses Jay (Superman: Son of Kal-El)



I can’t wait to see more from them!


1. Tim Drake Comes Out As Bi (Batman: Urban Legends)



I’m glad this wasn’t spoiled beforehand.



5. Harley & Ivy are Reunited (Batman)



4. Taskmaster Defeats Hyperion (Taskmaster)



3. Michaelangelo is The Last Ronin (TMNT: The Last Ronin)



2. Marshall Takes Over as Radiant Black (Radiant Black)



1. Debut of Yara Flor (Future State: Wonder Woman)




5. Michael Angelo Is The Last Ronin (TMNT The Last Ronin)



4. Eddie Brock Becomes All Powerful and Defeats Knull (King In Black)



3. The Stray Dogs Defeat the Master (Stray Dogs)



2. Sandra Backwater and Tora Winter are Friends (Fight Girls)



1. Taskmaster Defeats Hyperion (Taskmaster)



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Best Male Character



5. Jon Kent (Superman: Son of Kal-El)



Jon has grown so much under Tom Taylor’s pen.


4. Tim Drake (Nightwing, Batman Urban Legends)



Spanning from Tim’s appearances in Nightwing and his own shorts in Batman Urban Legends, this Robin has had a sgreat year!


3. Damian Wayne (Robin)



Damian has truly come to his own in his Robin ongoing title.


2. Radiant Black



Both Nathan and Marshall are fantastic characters!


1. Dick Grayson (Nightwing)



With every passing issue of Nightwing, Dick Grayson blows me away!



5. Connor Young (Darkhawk)



4. Owen (Fire Power)



3. Dick Grayson (Nightwing)



2. Marshall (Radiant Black)



1. Damian Wayne (Robin)




5. Conner Young (Darkhawk)



4. Marshall (Radiant Black)



3. Eddie Brock (Venom)



2. Damian Wayne (Robin)



1. Dick Grayson (Nightwing)



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