Best Comic Books of 2021 (Female Character, Villain, Indie Title, #1)

The Comic Frontline crew throughout the month of December discuss the best comic books of the year! This week they cover best Female Character, Villain, Indie Title, #1.

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Female Character



5. Crush (Crush & Lobo)



It’s been so wonderful to see development for Crush outside of the Teen Titans as she embarks on her own adventures.


4. Karolina Dean (Runaways)




As a longtime Karolina Dean fan, this volume of Runaways has given so much to play with for the character.


3. Zadie Lu (Shadecraft)



A new character that learned many different layers about her family.


2. Elektra (Daredevil) 



Elektra brought an extra jolt of life into an already modern classic Daredevil run.


1. Barbara Gordon (Nightwing, Batman, Joker)



Barbara has not only shined in the Batman flagship book as Oracle, but has her own arcs as a supporting cast member in Nightwing and Joker!



5. Val Riggs (Nocterra)



4. Black Widow (Black Widow)



3. Yara Flor (Wonder Girl)



2. Jessica Drew (Spider Woman)



1. Felicia Hardy (Black Cat)




5. Erica Slaughter (Something Is Killing The Children)



4. Val Riggs (Nocterra)



3. Black Widow (Black Widow)



2. Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman)



1. Felicia Hardy (Black Cat)



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Best Villain


3. Lobo (Crush & Lobo)



Daddy dearest!


2. Joker (Joker)



A villain hiding in the shadows until he’s ready to put on a big show.


1. Jenny (Serial)



I really loved how her motives unraveled as the series progressed.



5. The Master (Stray Dogs)



4. Doctor Doom (Fantastic Four)



3. Apocalypse (Dark Ages)



2. Blacktop Bill (Nocterra)



1. Knull (King in Black)




5. Rufus (Fight Girls)



4. Blacktop Bill (Nocterra)



3. The Leader (Immortal Hulk)



2. The Master (Stray Dogs)



1. Knull (King in Black)



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Best Indie Title



5. Mazebook (Dark Horse)



Jeff Lemire is the expert at family stories, and this one pulls at the heartstrings.


4. Fire Power (Image Comics)



Year 2 of Fire Power pumps up the action and character work.


3. Shadecraft (Image Comics)




Twist and turns from start to finish.


2. Second Coming: Only Begotten Son (Ahoy)



So glad this book came back for a second volume. This satire needs to be on your pull list!


1. Radiant Black (Image Comics)



Invincible for a new generation.



5. Nocterra (Image Comics)



4. Shadecraft (Image Comics)



3. Seven Secrets (BOOM! Studios)



2. Fire Power (Image Comics)



1. Radiant Black (Image Comics)




5. The Me You Love In The Dark (Image Comics)



4. Something Is Killing The Children (BOOM! Studios)



3. Stray Dogs (Image Comics)



2. Fight Girls (AWA)

1. Nocterra (Image Comics)



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Best #1 



5. Crush & Lobo #1



A queer romance mixed with a family drama superhero book – sign me up!


4. Robin & Batman #1



Batman & Robin proves you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to tell an intriguing story.


3. Radiant Black #1



I can’t stop gushing over this book. Issue 1 lays the ground work and then the team pulls the rug under your feet.


2. Robin #1



The Batman sidekicks have been on the roll this year.


1. Dark Knights of Steel #1



Tom Taylor is the master of the multiverse!



5. Robin #1



4. Radiant Black #1



3. Wonder Girl #1



2. Shadecraft #1



1. TMNT: The Last Ronin #1




6. Fight Girls #1



5. The Me You Love In The Dark #1



4. Stray Dogs #1



3. Nocterra #1



2. The Nice House On The Lake #1



1. TMNT: The Last Ronin #1



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