Best Comic Books of 2021 (Under The Radar Series, Mini-Series, Shocking Moment, New Series)

The Comic Frontline crew throughout the month of December discuss the best comic books of the year! This week they cover best Under The Radar Series, Mini-Series, Shocking Moment, New Series.

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Under The Radar Book



5. Fantastic Four



This run of Fantastic Four has quickly become one of my favorites. It has comedy, DRAMA, and superhero action. What else do you need!? 


4. Runaways



Runaways fans knew just how good this book was, I just wish that more fans pushed it so we could have had even more issues.


3. Darkhawk



Kyle Higgins nails this new origin story! I hope we get to see more from Connor in the future.


2. Power Pack 



Power Pack is a truly underrated team that I was so happy to see get a chance to shine this year. The creative team truly captures the siblings’ voices, while showcasing exactly why these youngest heroes shouldn’t be underestimated.


1. Second Coming: Only Begotten Son



Second Coming’s sophomore volume continues it’s brilliant, satirical commentary on religion, while tying it to America’s own mythology – superheroes. Russell’s dialogue work is some of the best on stands!



5. Moon Knight



4. Fight Girls



3. The Me You Love in the Dark 



2. Strange Academy 



1. Black Cat




5. Black Cat



4. Geiger



3. Fantastic Four



2. Robin & Batman



1. Darkhawk



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Best Mini Series



5. Mazebook



An emotional story about grief and the small moments that come along with it.


4. Darkhawk



A book that deserves an ongoing!


3. Robin & Batman



This isn’t a superhero book, it’s a story about father and son.


2. Power Pack



Now give us an ongoing!


1. Second Coming: Only Begotten Son



The volume format works perfectly for this book.



5. The Me You Love in the Dark



4. Shadecraft 



3. TMNT: The Last Ronin



2. Stray Dogs



1. Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point




5. Fight Girls



4. TMNT: The Last Ronin



3. The Me You Love In The Dark



2. Stray Dogs



1. Robin & Batman



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Shocking Moment


5. Jim Gordon Knows Babs is Batgirl (Joker)



A moment I’ve always wanted to happen, but didn’t expect in this book.


4. Karolina Dean Leaves Earth (Runaways)



What a cliffhanger, but made sense for the character’s overall journey.


3. Wonder Woman and Supergirl Are In A Relationship (Dark Knights of Steel) 



I really liked that this is the way they introduced the characters because it wasn’t even something on my radar to look out for.


2. Nightwing Has A Sister (Nightwing)



I hope we get to see more of them in 2022.


1. Nathan In A Coma (Radiant Black)



This gutsy moment made me truly fall in love with this book.



4. Nightwing Has A Sister (Nightwing)




3. Tim Drake is Bisexual (Batman: Urban Legend)




2. Nathan In A Coma (Radiant Black)



1. Robin Gets Killed by Flatline (Robin)





5. Robin Gets Killed by Flatline (Robin)



4. Tigra Shows Up (Moon Knight) 



3. Michael Angelo Is the Last Ronin (TMNT: Last Ronin)



2. Nathan In A Coma (Radiant Black)



1. Nightwing Has A Sister (Nightwing)



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Best New Series


5. The Joker



Making Jim the protagonist for this series was brilliant.


4. Superman Son of Kal-El 



Superman: Son of Kal-El made me a FAN of Jon Kent! When Clark left earth, Jon truly had the chance to shine as the hero of tomorrow.


3. Dark Knights of Steel 



Tom Taylor understands else-worlds! Taylor and Putri puts a twist on everything you know about the DC Universe with some of the most exciting storylines spinning out of DC Comics right now.

2. Robin 



Damian Wayne is at his best when he’s 98% brooding and 2% fun. Who knew it would take a tournament to the death for him to find his inner kid? Robin already feels like a modern classic in the making!


1. Radiant Black 



Higgins embraces all the wonderful storytelling from his Power Rangers run to create his own universe. Higgins not only puts the superhero genre on its head, but his own Radiant Black mythos with a plethora of twist and turns.



5. The Me You Love in the Dark



4. Superman: Son of Kal-El



3. Shadecraft



2. Robin



1. Radiant Black




4. Radiant Black



3. Robin 



2. Nocterra 



1. House of Slaughter 



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