What Happened During SAGA’s Three-Year Gap?


Saga is back! What happened during the 3-year gap and what was Marko’s fate? Plus more creators join Substack, Iron Man proposes to Hellcat and more!

What Happened During SAGA’s Three-Year Gap?

This week on our comic book podcast we talk about what happened in the 3-year gap since we last left the world of Brian K. Vaughan’s SAGA. What happened to Marko, Allana and the rest? We also discuss Iron Man proposing to Hellcat, Dead Day getting optioned for TV, the full Halo TV show trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being the last for the team and more creators joining Substack.

Plus Big Books, Top 5, Chopping Block and Most Anticipated.


  • Dead Day Gets a TV Show
  • More Spin-Off TV Series for The Suicide Squad
  • Guardians Vol 3 Will Be the Last for Team
  • First Look/Full Trailer for Halo TV Show
  • Vampire Diaries Alum is Brother Blood in Titans
  • Iron Man Proposes to Hellcat
  • Grant Morrison, Tom King, Brian K. Vaughan and Jen Bartel Join Substack
  • Eternals vs. X-Men Event for the Summer (Judgment Day)

Big Books

  • Saga #55
  • X Deaths of Wolverine #1
  • Superman & Robin Special #1
  • Devil’s Reign #3
  • Stray Dogs: Dog Days #2
  • Mary Jane & Black Cat: Beyond #1
  • Detective Comics #1050
  • Marauders Annual #1
  • Robin #10
  • The Amazing Spider-Man #87
  • Wonder Girl #7

Most Anticipated

Mike’s Top 3

  1. Dark Knights of Steel #4
  2. Batman #120
  3. Nocterra #7

Kat’s Top 3

  1. Dark Knights of Steel #4
  2. Fantastic Four: Reckoning War – Alpha #1
  3. The Amazing Spider-Man #88

Brant’s Top 3

  1. Dark Knights of Steel #4
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man #88
  3. Crossover #11

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