Will This New Comixology Update Change Comics Forever?

Will This New Comixology Update Change Comics Forever?

Join us for a brand new episode of Comic Book Weekly where we bring you the latest comic book and comic media news, discuss our Top 5 comics of the week and more!


Knuckles Gets a TV Show and Sonic 3 in the works
Star Trek 4 is Happening
Peacemaker Renewed For Season 2
Stranger Things Gets Renewed For Final Season
Wolverine Co-Creator Returns to the Character for X-Men Legends Relaunch
Miles Morales Hulk Mashup
Iron Man Goes Through Addiction Again
Miles Morales Introduces Spider Smasher
Aquman Gets A Horror Black Label Book
Titans Academy Cancelled
Last Ronin Styled Transformers Book as IDW Says Goodbye to Property
Ghost Maker Becomes Batman INC New Boss

Big Books

Iron Fist #1
Nightwing #89
GI Joe A Real American Hero Saturday Morning Adventures #1
The Amazing Spider-Man #89
Detective Comics #1053
Rain #2
Fantastic Four #40
Power Rangers #16
Thor #22
Crowded Last Volume

Hulk #4

Most Anticipated


Mike’s Top 3
1 – Gunslinger Spawn #5
2 – Dark Ages #5
3 – Saga #56
Kat’s Top 3
1 – Supermassive #1
2 – Saga #56
3 – Ms Marvel Beyond the Limit #3
Brant’s Top 3
1 – Supermassive #1
2 – Robin #11
3 – Strange Academy #16

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