Are You Sticking With The Amazing Spider-Man?

Are You Sticking With The Amazing Spider-Man?

This week on our comic book podcast, we share our thoughts on The Amazing Spider-Man #1 and ask whether you will be sticking with it. We also talk about the newly announced Dark Crisis specials and speculate on what they could mean, Frank Miller and Dan Didio’s new company, Skybound’s YA novels, Legends of Tomorrow and more!


Harley’s Kiteman Gets His Own Series
Batwoman Cancelled
Director Leaves Fantastic Four Movie
Legends of tomorrow Cancelled
Amanda Waller Peacemaker Spin Off in the Works
Frank Miller Opens Up Indie Company
Neal Adams Dies
DC Reveals Full World Without the Justice League Specials
Skybound Reveals YA Graphic Novels
Gwen Stacy is completed with Giant Size Special

Big Books

The Amazing Spider-Man #1
Justice League #75
Saga #58
Dark Knights of Steel #6
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles The Last Ronin #5
Thor #24
The Joker #14
Punisher #2
Deathstroke INC #8 & Robin
Rogue Sun #3
Ms Marvel Beyond the Limit #5

Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated
Mike’s Top 3
1 – Spider-Man 2099 Exodus #1
2 – Flashpoint Beyond #1
3 – Batman #123
Kat’s Top 3
1 – Earth Prime: Legends of Tomorrow #3
2 – Fire Power #20
3 – Radiant Black #14
Brant’s Top 3
1 – Flashpoint Beyond #1
2 – Archer & Armstrong Forever #1
3 – Twig #1

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