Will Joe Quesada’s Exit Change Marvel?

Joe Quesada

Joe Quesada exits Marvel Comics after over 20+ years. What could this mean for the future of Marvel and Quesada? We discuss this and much more!

Will Joe Quesada’s Exit Change Marvel? | Comic Book Weekly

This week on our comic book podcast we talk about Joe Quesada leaving Marvel after 20+ years. We also talk about Deathstroke’s death in Shadow War and who the heck is Geo-Force? Plus a Superman/Batman costume, Willow, Mandalorian and more Star Wars news, and of course…

…Big Books, Top 5 and Most Anticipated.

Main Topic: 22 Minute Mark


  • Blue Beetle Suit
  • Star Wars Skeleton Crew Announced
  • Mandalorian Gets Feb 2023 Release Date
  • Willow Gets Trailer
  • Andor Trailer
  • Gotham Knights Trailer
  • Superman/Batman Fusion Costume
  • Static, Lois and Harley Get Graphic Novels
  • Archie Creates New Horror Line
  • Yoda Gets a Mini Series
  • Joe Quesada Leaves Marvel

Big Books

  • The Amazing Spider-Man #2
  • Deathstroke Inc. #9/Robin #14
  • Rogue Sun #4
  • Hulk #7
  • Devil’s Reign: Omega #1
  • Punisher #3
  • Stillwater #13

Most Anticipated

Kat’s Top 3

  1. Fire Power #21
  2. Shadow War Omega #1
  3. The Closet #1

Brant’s Top 3

  1. Fire Power #21
  2. Shadow War Omega #1
  3. Miles Morales: Spider-Man #38

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