Is Poison Ivy Going to Die?

Is Poison Ivy Going to Die?

This week on our comic book podcast we talk about Poison Ivy #1 and whether the titular character is soon to meet her end! We also discuss the Black Adam trailer, Dark Horse getting the Ghostbusters license, Patton Oswalt’s creator owned book and more.


Harley Returns this Summer
Black Adam Trailer
Sandman Details
Joker is a Musical with Lady Gaga as Harley
JSA Mini Series
Ryan Parrott Leaves Power Rangers
Dreamer Gets a Graphic Novel
Patton Oswalt Makes Creator Owned Book
Dark Horse Gets Ghostbusters License
Ms Marvel and Red Dagger Get Digital Comic
Titans Mini Series
Superman Returns to Earth

Big Books

Dark Crisis #1
Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #1
Mighty Morphin #20
Poison Ivy #1
Fortnite X Marvel Zero War #1
Twig #2
The Amazing Spider-Man #3
DC Pride 2022
Thor #26
Multiversity Teen Justice #1
Flashpoint Beyond #2
Savage Avengers #2

Most Anticipated

Kat’s Top 3
1 – DC Pride Tim Drake #1
2 – Power Rangers #20
3 – Radiant Black #15
Brant’s Top 3
1 – Radiant Black #15
2 – Eight Billion Genies #2
3 – Do a Powerbomb #1

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