Could Dan Slott’s New Spider-Man Series Out Sell Amazing Spider-Man?

Dan Slott

Dan Slott returns to Spider-Man with the adjectiveless title of the same name. Will it outsell Zeb Wells’ Amazing Spider-Man? We discuss this and much more!

Could Dan Slott’s New Spider-Man Series Out Sell Amazing Spider-Man? | Comic Book Weekly

This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about Dan Slott and Mark Bagley’s new Spider-Man series and discuss how it will measure up against Amazing Spider-Man. We also talk about Young Avengers getting a webcomic, the Paper Girls trailer, Super Sons trailer, Eight Billion Genies getting optioned for film and more!

Plus Big Books, Top 5 and Most Anticipated.


  • Paper Girls Trailer
  • Eight Billion Genies Gets Adaptation
  • Super Sons Trailer
  • Young Avengers Gets a Webcomic
  • Dan Slott Returns to Writing Spider-Man

Big Books

  • Variants #1
  • Public Domain #1
  • Iron Cat #1
  • Seven Secrets #18
  • Robin #15
  • She-Hulk #4
  • Sins of the Black Flamingo #1
  • Deathstroke, Inc. #10
  • Eight Billion Genies #2

Most Anticipated

Mike’s Top 3

  1. Batman #125
  2. The Closet #2
  3. Carnage #4

Kat’s Top 3

  1. Batman #125
  2. Jane Foster & The Mighty Thor #2
  3. Fire Power #22

Brant’s Top 3

  1. Batman #125
  2. Strange Academy #18
  3. Multiversity: Teen Justice #2

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