Donny Cates Returns to Venom

Donny Cates Returns to Venom

This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about the news that Donny Cates is returning to Venom for a smaller project soon. We also talk about the Planet Hulk sequel, a She-Hulk origin retelling, Mary Jane & Black Cat getting an ongoing, Kal-El Returns and IDW’s TV shows in development.


More Details on Mark Millar’s Bang Netflix Project
Punisher Making a Comeback
IDW has TV Shows in Development
She Hulk Gets a Digital Comic Retelling her Origins
Donny Cates Working on More Venom
Mary Jane and Black Cat Get an Ongoing
Superman Returns with a One-Shot
Planet Hulk Gets A Sequel
Vault Joins Kickstarter

Big Books

Edge of Spider-Verse #1
New Champion Of SHAZAM #1
Batman #126
Dead Lucky #1

Dark Crisis #3

Mighty Morphin #22

Stillwater #14

Most Anticipated

Kat’s Top 3
1 – Parker Girls #1
2 – Power Rangers #22
3 – Ms Marvel & Wolverine #1
Brant’s Top 3
1 – Parker Girls #1
2 – The Deadliest Bouquet #1
3 – Unnatural: Blue Blood #2

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