Is this the End of Krakoa? What’s with All These Marvel Events?

We’re back! This week on our comic book podcast, we discus all these new Marvel events (Fall of X, Summer of Symbiotes, and more), DC’s newest event – Lazarus Planet, and more!


Rogue’s Gallery TV show in the Works
Hugh Jackman Joins Deadpool 3
Armor Wars Becomes A Movie
Mario Bros Movie Trailer
G4 Ends Again
Harrison Ford to Play Thunderbolt Ross
James Tynion and Others Make Horror Short On Kickstarter
Tini Howard and Sweeney Boo to take over Harley Quinn
Mike Marts Leaves Aftershock
Mike Marts Moves to Mad Cave
Emma Frost Joins Captain America Event
DC New Event – Lazarus Planet
Marvel Events
DC Focuses on Superman Family – New Superman/ Son of Kal relaunches
Blade Daughter Gets Own Series
Bishop gets Own Book
Silver Surfer Introduces New Hero
DC Infinite Ultra Will Have Comics Available One Month after Release
Harley Gets Multiverse Series
new Guardians Series
Rogue and Gambit Get Own Title Again
X-23 Gets Mini
Spider-Man Introduces Hallow’s Eve and Red Goblin

Big Books

Batman Vs Robin #2
The Amazing Spider-Man #11
Batman Incorporated #1
Do A Powerbomb #5
Superman Son Of Kal-El #16
The Approach #1
Dark Crisis Worlds Without A Justice League Green Arrow #1
Daredevil #4
Batgirls #11
Fantastic Four #48
Most Anticipated
Mike’s Top 3
2 – Batman / Superman: World’s Finest #8
2 -DCEASED War Of The Undead Gods #3
3 – Gunslinger Spawn #13
Kat’s Top 3
1 – Crashing #2
2 – Batman / Superman: World’s Finest #8
3 – Midnight Suns #2

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