Are Comic Books Taking Over Your House?

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We talk about comic book collecting habits and piles and piles of comics taking over our houses. What is our method of putting away our weekly comic books? Plus trailers, news, Boy Thunder’s secret identity, top 5 comics and more!

Are Comic Books Taking Over Your House? | Comic Book Weekly

This week on our comic book podcast we talk about what you do with your comic books after you read them. Are they taking up too much space? Are there stacks everywhere?

We also discuss the trailers for Ant-Man and Titans season 4, Lazarus Planet, Shang-Chi ending, Vault’s Resonant getting a TV show and more.

Plus Big Books, Top 5 and Most Anticipated.


  • Vault’s Resonant Gets TV Show
  • Titans Season 4 Trailer
  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Trailer
  • Henry Cavill is Back as Superman for Future DC Movies
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special Trailer
  • James Gunn, Peter Safran to Lead Film, TV and Animation Division at DC Studios
  • World’s Finest Secret Identity Will Be Revealed in January
  • Lazarus Planet Specials
  • Gene Luen Yang’s Shang-Chi Saga Comes to an End in January
  • Kelly Thompson’s Substack Book Comes to Image in January

Big Books

  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #8
  • X-Men #16
  • Nightwing #97
  • Thor #28
  • Flashpoint Beyond #6
  • Midnight Suns #2
  • Dark Crisis: Young Justice #5
  • The Deadliest Bouquet #3

Most Anticipated

Mike’s Top 3

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man #12
  2. Strange Academy: Finals #1
  3. Rogues’ Gallery #4

Kat’s Top 3

  1. Rogues’ Gallery #4
  2. Iron Cat #5
  3. X-Terminators #2

Brant’s Top 3

  1. Rogues’ Gallery #4
  2. Vanish #2
  3. Strange Academy: Finals #1

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