Do You Have Comic Book Burnout?

Do You Have Comic Book Burnout?

This week on our comic book podcast, we talk about comic book burnout. Do you suffer from it? What causes it and how can you stave it off?

Do WE have it? We’ll talk about it! We also discuss the cancellation of Stargirl, Spider-Man and Black Cat’s romance heating up in Dark Web, Vision returning for a new spinoff, Jon Stewart leading the new Green Lantern show and more.


New Looks for Green Lantern Show – John Stewart is the Lead
Stargirl Cancelled
Vision Returns in new Spin Off

Spider-Man and Black Cat Romance Will Heat Up in Dark Web

Big Books

Action Comics Vol 2 #1048
The Amazing Spider-Man #12
Vanish #2
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101
Strange Academy Finals #1
Punchline The Gotham Game #1
Strange #7
Fire Power #24
X-Terminators #2
Iron Cat #5
Rogue’s Gallery #4

Most Anticipated

Most Anticipated
Mike’s Top 3
1 – Batman #129
2 – Dark Knights Of Steel #8
3 – Punisher #7
Kat’s Top 3
1 – The New Champion of Shazam! #3
2 – Dark Knights of Steel #8
3 – The Ones #1
Brant’s Top 3
1 – Dark Knights of Steel #8
2 – The New Champion of Shazam! #3
3 – Secret Invasion #1

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