Best Comic Books of 2022 (Cover Artist, Event, One-Shot, Cover)

The Comic Frontline crew throughout November and December discuss the best comic books of the year! This week they cover best cover artist, best event, best one-shot, and best cover.

Best Cover Artist


5. Jesus Saiz (Punisher)



Punisher’s new design was one of the big factors for why I picked this book up in the first place. Covers sell comics!

4. Francis Manapul (Robin)



Manapul will forever be one of my favorite artists in the game, and glad to see him doing more cover work this year.

3. Sweeney Boo



Boo is not only a fantastic interior artist, but a phenomenal cover artist! She has been doing a ton of work for DC this year.

2. Jen Bartel (She Hulk)



She hulk hasn’t looked hotter!


1. Bruno Redondo (Nightwing)



Redaondo’s layouts are just so damn creative. We rarely get interior artists that also do their own covers in mainstream superhero books, but I’m always happy to see Redondo taking on both duties.


5. Jen Bartel (She-Hulk)



4. Dan Mora (Power Rangers, World’s Finest)


3. Bruno Redondo (Nightwing)


2. Artgerm (Various)


1. Jenny Frison (Poison Ivy, Catwoman, etc.)



5. Warren Louw (Harley Quinn)



4. Sozomika (Catwoman)



3. Alex Ross ( Iron Man)


2. Artgerm



1. Jenny Frison (Catwoman)



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Best Event



2. Supermassive



I love how Kyle Higgins and friends has been able to build this little superhero franchise that could into something HUGE!


1. Shadow War



Now this is how you do a superhero event! Robin built this story up so nicely, and there are some great twist and turns.



4. Supermassive



3. Power Rangers: Eltarian War



2. Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths



1. Shadow War




2. Dark Crisis On Infinite Earths


1. Shadow War



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Best One-Shot/Graphic Novel


5. DC Saved by the Belle Reve #1



Sometimes you just need some all ages fun, and I can never say no to Tiny Titans!


4. Crowded Volume 3



A great ended to an underrated series. Glad it was able to wrap up.


3. DC Pride 2022 #1



DC has been really hitting its stride with their annual pride book.


2. Dark Crisis World Without a Justice League: Green Arrow #1



This reminded me how much I miss Green Arrow and Black Canary!


1. Mary Jane & Black Cat Beyond #1



I can’t wait to get more of them in 2023!



3. Amazing Fantasy #1000



2. 20XX Transport



1. Mary Jane and Black Cat Beyond #1



1. Mary Jane Black Cat Beyond #1



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Best Cover



5. Ms Marvel Beyond the Limit #3 (Andrés Genolet)



Love seeing Ms Marvel’s supporting cast together.


4. Nightwing #97 (Bruno Redondo)



3. New Champion of Shazam #3 (Evan Doc Shaner)



And we get this art in the interiors!


2. Batgirls #9 (Sweeny Boo)



Never say no to Steph and Cass!


1. Marvel Pride 2022 (Nick Robles)



I love these gays!



5. TMNT/Power Rangers 1-4 (connecting Dan Mora covers)



4. AXE Judgment Day #6 (Artgerm Dazzler variant)



3. Amazing Spider-Man #8 (Iban Coello Stormbreakers variant)



2. Poison Ivy #6 (Frison)



1. Eight Billion Genies #1 Cvr B (Jenny Frison, Tim Seeley)




5. Harley Quinn 30th anniversary Art germ Variant



4. Batman #125 Warren Louw Variant



3. Amazing Spider-Man #1 Black Cat Artgerm



2. Captain America #0 Alex Ross Main cover



1. Ghost Rider #1Lucio Parrillo Variant B



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