Best Comic Books of 2022 (New Characters, Couple, Friendship,Breakout Talent, Moment)

The Comic Frontline crew throughout November and December discuss the best comic books of the year! This week they cover best New Characters, Couple, Friendship,Breakout Talent, and Moment.

Best New Character


5. Honeysuckle Speck (Rain)



There was just something so commanding about her narration.


4. Maisie (Rogue’s Gallery)



Loved the commentary of celebrity culture and superhero movies through Masie’s character. AND SHE’S A BAD ASS! The creative team truly made her a human character.


3. Rose Osler (Crashing)



It’s hard to watch Rose go back into her addiction, but makes for a fascinating character piece.


2. Boy Thunder (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest)



Boy Thunder isn’t just another Superman. The creative team has made a truly nuanced, morally gray character.


1. Rogue Sun (Rogue Sun)



Rogue Sun asks: what if Flash Thompson became Spider-Man?


5. Eegro (Thunderbolts)



4. Playtime (Minor Threats)



3. Oliver Harrison (Vanish)


2. Rogue Sun (Rogue Sun) 



1. Lona Steelrose (Do a Powerbomb) 




4. Oliver Harrison (Vanish)



3. Genies (Eight Billion Genies)



2. CobraSun (Do A Powerbomb)


1. Lona Steelrose (Do A Powerbomb)



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Best Couple



4. Batgirl and Nightwing (Nightwing, Batgirls)



We’ve been getting a lot of panel time for these two!


3. Maisie and Husband (Rogue’s Gallery)



A healthy celeb couple! This may be some of the most shocking events of the book!!


2. Vita and Charlie (Crowded)



Their chemistry!


1. Honeysuckle and Yolanda (Rain)



Rain was a love letter to their story.



5. Supergirl & Wonder Woman (Dark Knights of Steel)



4. She-Hulk & Jack of Hearts (She-Hulk)



3. Nightwing & Batgirl (Nightwing, Batgirls)



2. Wally & Linda (The Flash)



1. Ben Grimm & Alicia Masters (Fantastic Four)




3. She-Hulk & Jack Of Hearts (She-Hulk)



2. Damian Wayne & Flatline (Robin)



1. Dick Grayson Barbara Gordon (Nightwing)



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Best Friendship


5. Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain (Batgirls)



Love seeing their friendship fleshed out more.


4. Tony Stark and Black Cat (Iron Cat)



Who knew these two would have so much in common?


3. Jubilee, Dazzler, Boom Boom, and Laura Kinney! (X-Terminators)



These light mutants and Wolverine are just so much fun!


2. Nathan and Marshall (Radiant Black) 



I love their complicated friendship now that they both share a superhero mantle.


1. Kenny and Ted (Specs)



Is it friendship or more?



3. Robin, Flatline, Connor, etc. (Robin – his group of friends/enemies if we can count that)



2. Marshall & Nathan (Radiant Black)



1. Cassie & Stephanie (Batgirls)




3. Batman & Tim Drake (Batman)



2. Batman Superman (World Finest)



1. Norman Osborn and Peter Parker (Amazing Spider-Man)



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Best Breakout Talent



5. Skylar Patridge (Wonder Woman)



Happy to see them doing mainstream books!


4. Hannah Rose May (Rogue’s Gallery) 



3. Matthew Klein (Crashing)



2. Josie Campbell (New Champion of Shazam)



I really love the YA angle of this book, and putting the focus on Mary.


1. David M. Booher (Rain, Specs)



I loved BOTH Specs and Rain! Both slam dunks.


5. David M. Booher (Specs, All-New Firefly)



4. Liana Kangas (Trve Kvlt)



3. Josie Campbell (The New Champion of Shazam)



2. Federico Sabbatini (Moon Knight, Doctor Aphra)



1. Hannah Rose May (Rogues’ Gallery)




2. Hannah Rose May (Rogue’s Gallery)



1. Stefano Vietti (Life Zero)



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Best Moment



5. Rita Returns as Mistress Vile (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)



A reminder for why Rita is the best Power Rangers villain!


4. Supergirl Kills Black Lightning (Dark Knights of Steel)



But was it Supergirl?


3. Donny Cates Dies (Crossover)



Death of the Author!


2. Mary Becomes Shazam (The New Champion of Shazam)



1. Mary Jane and Black Cat Team Up (Mary Jane and Black Cat Beyond)




4. Punisher becomes the leader of The Hand and the Fist of the Beast (Punisher)



3. Kal stabs Bruce, attempts to murder him (Dark Knights of Steel)



2. The Walking Dead’s Negan shows up in Crossover (Crossover)



1. Mary Jane & Black Cat Team Up (Mary Jane and Black Cat Beyond)




3. The entire cast walks outside the bar and sees the world in shambles based off of what society using their wishes for. (Eight Billion Genies #1)



2. Mary Jane and Black Cat Team Up (Mary Jane and Black Cat Beyond)



1. Darkseid Ripping Sinistro’s Head Off in Front of his Daughter (DECEASED war of The Undead God)



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