Best Comic Books of 2022 (Best Male Character, Female Character, Villain, Indie Title, #1)

The Comic Frontline crew throughout November and December discuss the best comic books of the year! This week they cover best Male Character, Female Character, Villain, Indie Title, and #1.

Best Male Character


5. Damian Wayne (Robin, Batman Vs Robin)



Robin was one of my favorite titles of the year, and it was great to see that spotlight shine bright in his own event.


4. Boy Thunder (Batman/Superman: World’s Finest)



We’ve seen good Superman. We’ve seen bad Superman, but never a morally gray Superman arch-type.


3. Cobrasun (Do a Powerbomb)



A father and accidental murderer.


2. Rogue Sun (Rogue Sun)



1. Punisher (Punisher)


This book has made me a Punisher fan!



5. Doyle (Strange Academy)



4. Zack Taylor (Power Rangers, MMPR)



3. Moon Knight (Moon Knight)



2. Marshall (Radiant Black)



1. Damian Wayne/Robin (Robin)




5. Gunslinger (Gunslinger Spawn)



4. Dylan (Rouge Sun)



3. Cobrasun (Do a Powerbomb)



2. Damian Wayne (Robin)



1. Dick Grayson (Nightwing)



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Best Female Character



5. Maisie (Rogue’s Gallery)



4. Black Cat (Iron Cat)



3. She Hulk (She Hulk)



2. Honeysuckle (Rain)



1. Mary Marvel (New Champion of Shazam)




5. Linda West (The Flash)



4. Lona Steelrose (Do a Powerbomb)



3. Black Widow (Black Widow)



2. Spider-Woman (Spider-Woman, Captain Marvel)



1. Black Cat (Black Cat, Iron Cat)




5. Joanna Tan (Gun Honey)



4. Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk)



3. Black Cat (Iron Cat/Black Cat)



2. Lona Steelroase (Do A Powerbomb)



1. Erica Slaughter (Something Is Killing the Children)



Best Villain



3. Rogue’s Sun’s Dad (Rogue Sun)



He might be Dylan’s mentor, but that doesn’t mean he’s a good guy.


2. Maisie’s Fans (Rogue’s Gallery)





1. Iron Cat (Iron Cat)




5. The Carnage Symbiote (Carnage)



4. Zartus (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)



3. Punisher (Punisher)



2. Blacktop Bill (Nocterra)



1. Mother Soul (Robin)







4. BlackTop Bill (Nocterra)



3. Failsafe (Batman)



2. Hallow’s Eve (The Amazing Spider-Man)



1. Queen Goblin (The Amazing Spider-Man)



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Best Indie Title


5. Rogue Sun (Image Comics)



4. Rain (Image Comics)



3. Rogue’s Gallery (Image Comics)



2. Crossover (Image Comics)



1. Do A Powerbomb (Image Comics)





5. Nocterra (Image)



4. Vanish (Image) 



3. Rogues’ Gallery (Image)



2. Do a Powerbomb (Image)



1. Radiant Black (Image)




5. Rouge’s Gallery (Image)



4. Vanish (Image)



3. Gunslinger Spawn (Image)



2. Do A Powerbomb (Image)



1. Life Zero (Ablaze)




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Best #1



5. Dark Ride #1



4. Rain #1



3. The New Champion of Shazam #1



2. Specs #1



1. Do A Powerbomb #1




5. Punisher #1



4. She-Hulk #1



3. Rogues’ Gallery #1



2. Vanish #1



1. Do a Powerbomb #1




5. Strange Academy: Finals #1



4. Dark Ride #1



3. Vanish #1



2. Do A Powerbomb #1



1. Specs #1



Vote For Favorite #1


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