Kickstart the Week(end) with House of Fear Vol. 1 & 2

By: Nicole D’Andria Horror can be for kids, as evidenced by James Powell’s House of Fear series! Specifically, these standalone stories have elements of horror while also being fantasy-adventure stories. Great for fans of Scooby-Doo, Goosebumps, and Monster House who aren’t looking for violent stories (or who just need a break from them).

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Kickstart the Week with RETRIBUTION – CHAPTER 2: I DIED IN DEL RIO

By: Nicole D’Andria Morally questionable retribution continues in the second chapter of this black-white-and-blood-soaked mini-series. Creator R. Robert Garcia discussed the psychological elements of his series, which centers on a love story with elements of loss and mental illness.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with In Our Dreams Awake #1: A Cyberpunk/Fantasy Adventure

By: Nicole D’Andria A triple threat of “punk,” In Our Dreams Awake brings together dreampunk, steampunk, and cyberpunk. Co-creator John McGuire gives us a glimpse at the realities and dreams explored within this fantasy adventure comic book, which takes inspiration from the likes of Sandman, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, Blade Runner, and A Nightmare on Elm Street.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Acausal #1-2 – Grounded sci-fi crime thriller

Kickstart the Week Acausal #1-2

By: Nicole D’Andria Today on “Kickstart the Week,” John Ward is discussing his thrilling crime-centric comic book Acausal, which also has science-fiction elements. He describes it as “part QUANTUM LEAP, part CRIMINAL.”

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Death of a Necromancer

Kickstart the Week Death of a Necromancer

By: Nicole D’Andria I’m speaking once again to Nick Bryan, this time about Death of a Necromancer, which its Kickstarter page calls a “fun-grim pop-goth spooky provincial saga.” Nick Bryan and Robert Ahmad are reuniting once again since And It Snowed to invite readers to a small English town that welcomes a necromancer and plenty of hijinks.

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Kickstart the Week with The Neverland Issue 1

By: Nicole D’Andria Caleb Thusat (Supercats) has another ambitious project being featured on “Kickstart the Week.” The Neverland is a sequel to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan novel that can stand on its own. This first issue immediately undertakes a unique approach as the events unraveling are sparked during the global pandemic.

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Zoop into the Week with Dead Dreams: The Lucid Chronicles #1

Zoop into the Week Dead Dreams

By: Nicole D’Andria This second “Zoop into the Week” spotlights Brittany Matter’s debut on Zoop with the first issue of her science-fiction series Dead Dreams: The Lucid Chronicles. Find out more about dream drugs, doppelgängers, and preferred parallel worlds when I talk with both the series’ creator as well as the artist.

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Zoop into the Week with Thirty-Three

Zoop into the Week Thirty-Three

By: Nicole D’Andria While usually featuring Kickstarters on “Kickstart the Week,” this will be the very first time I showcase a campaign on the Zoop crowdfunding platform! First up is Thirty-Three, a five-issue collection featuring everything from bombastic action to dysfunctional family drama. I’m talking with both the creator/writer and one of the artists, both talented comic book professionals.

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Kickstart the Week with Voyage Anthology 2: Melting Pot

By: Nicole D’Andria Join your intergalactic host Sonderon as he returns to explore the cosmos with 200 pages worth of science-fiction stories in another Voyage Anthology. Speaking with the anthology creator and one of the writers gives us a bit of insight into the Dwarf Star Universe established within this anthology. The hardcover anthology collects 16 science-fiction stories that last five to 11 pages each.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Bear Skin – a Hardcover graphic novel of Dread and Horror

Kickstart-the-Week-Bear Skin

By: Nicole D’Andria Journey to a small West Virginia town in the psychological horror that is Bear Skin. We’re learning more about the monsters lurking in this place and the man in a bear suit who’s after them from creator Jason Pell.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Karma The Sizzling Erotic Graphic Novel

Kickstart the Week Karma

By: Nicole D’Andria Published by Dynamite Entertainment, Karma is an erotic graphic novel that has already raised about 16 times their intended goal. Join me as I chat with writer and photographer Dan Wickline about how Karma is loosely based on real-life events.

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Kickstart the Week with KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER 50TH ANNIVERSARY Graphic Novel

Kickstart the Week with Kolchak

By: Nicole D’Andria The comic book anthology KOLCHAK: THE NIGHT STALKER 50TH ANNIVERSARY spans numerous decades, featuring ten original comic book stories from the talented minds of R.C. Matheson, Nancy Collins, Peter David, and many more. The full line-up of creative teams and stories is on the official Kickstarter page. This collection follows Carl Kolchak, a monster-hunting reporter, from his first case in high school during the 1930s to his latest adventure in the 21 century. See the character that inspired supernatural series such as The X-Files!

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Producing the End of the World ANTHOLOGY

By: Nicole D’Andria The pop culture website Soda and Telepath’s Anthony Pollock and crew are helming an anthology featuring post-apocalyptic stories. I speak in-depth with Anthony about the importance of telling these stories in this current climate as well as get a ton of advice about anthologies, project management, and more. The anthology Producing the End of the World is 160 pages with 18 stories each exploring a different post-apocalyptic scenario. From concepts such as a baby’s swaddling cloth color determining their life and death to characters’ goals including getting a…

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Kickstart the Week(end) with NIGHTMARE THEATER 2 – Revenge of the Horror Comic Anthology

By: Nicole D’Andria Indie horror creators are uniting once again for the spectacular return of Nightmare Theater! The second anthology, this time with over 125 pages of spooky slaughter stories, has come back for revenge in this second Kickstarter campaign.

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