Scott Snyder Moving Away From DC’s Main Line | Comic Book Weekly

Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder moves away from DC Comics’ main comic line and heads up the return of DC’s Writing Workshop! Plus, G4 returns, Top 5 picks of the week and more!

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Will Comic Book Stores Survive Without Diamond Distribution? | Comic Book Weekly

Diamond Comic Distributors

Diamond Comic Distributors announce they are shutting their doors due to the Coronavirus. What does this mean for weekly comics and comic book stores. Plus our Top 5 and more!

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An “Edgy” New Archie in 2015

  Fiona Staples Archie sketches By: Nicole D’Andria Next year Archie will hit its 75th anniversary. To celebrate, Archie comics is resetting the series with issue 1 and a new creative team in 2015. This is just in time for the new Archie television show Riverdale and a new Fashion line based off of the series developed by Marc Ecko. Everything you’ve known about Archie is about to change—Archie is about to get “edgy.” Archie Comics began updating when Jon Goldwater became the chief executive and publisher of Archie Comics…

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Archie Comics “Riverdale” TV Series Announced

By: Nicole D’Andria Archie and friends are getting their own television series, “Riverdale.” This will be a one hour drama based on Archie. It is being produced by Greg Berlanti of Berlanti Productions who is known for his other comic-related television shows Arrow and Flash. Warner Brothers is teaming up with Berlanti to produce the show, which will be airing on Fox. It features the small town life of Riverdale which has some dark twists—because everything nowadays has to be gritty.  Though I’m not complaining too much. As a huge fan of Degrassi, which has rather…

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NYCC 2014: Archie Meets Predator Announced

By: Nicole D’Andria First, he met The Punisher. Then he met Kiss. Then he died. Now, Archie is back in Archie Meets Predator! The new crossover Archie Meets Predator will be written by Alex de Campi (Grindhouse, Lady Zorro, Smoke/Ashes) and the artwork will be done by Fernando Ruiz (Life with Archie). Archie and the gang are going to Costa Rica during spring break but aren’t aware the Predator will be joining them. I can’t help but smile as another wacky comic book crossover is added to the list. I…

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