Leviathan Revealed! | The Chris & Brant Show

Leviathan Revealed

Leviathan Revealed in this brand new episode of The Chris & Brant Show! Plus, cereal taste-testing, Celestial Falcon, video games, LIVE art and more!

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Will People Leave DC Universe For Disney Plus or HBO Max?

Disney Plus

Will People Leave DC Universe For Disney Plus or HBO Max? | Topic Time. Will consumers make the hard choice between these platforms, or shell out the extra cash for them all?

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Iris and Jai West Return in Flash Forward! | Comic Book Weekly 04

Iris and Jai West Return

Iris and Jai West return! We discuss this and more as each week, the cast of Comic Frontline converges on Comic Book Weekly for their comic book podcast to discuss the latest in comic news and weekly comics, including Top 5, Under the Radar, Chopping Block, Key Issues and more!

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After The Pull Episode 3 | Is Dr. Doom Doomed?

After The Pull Episode 3 | Is Dr. Doom Doomed? Welcome to my newest comic book podcast called After the Pull. This comic book live stream is about

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Top 10 Most Anticipated Comic Books 10-16-19

Top 10 most anticipated Comic Books 10-16-19 Welcome to the show where each and every Week.

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Which Characters Should Join DC Comics’ Black Label? | Topic Time


This week, the Frontline crew discuss which characters other than Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman should join DC Comics’ Black Label. Some names that came up were Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy, Green Arrow, Justice League and more!

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Teen Lantern’s Origin Revealed! | Comic Book Weekly 02

Teen Lantern's Origin Revealed

This week, Teen Lantern’s origin is revealed in Young Justice #9, Immortal Hulk gets an Absolute Carnage tie-in, Ms. Marvel is a playable character in the upcoming Avengers video game, Al Ewing takes over writing Guardians of the Galaxy, Donny Cates to write Thor, a few wrestling sidetracks, and more will be discussed!

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2019’s Top 10 Comic Book Covers | Week 40

2019’s Top 10 Comic Book Covers | Week 40 Hi fans, it’s never too early to start voting for comic book cover of the year. This is the video series

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New York Comic Con 2019 Photo Gallery

NYCC 2019 Gallery Thumb

Comic Frontline’s Michael, aka Dude of Rock 18 attended New York Comic Con 2019 and snapped a bunch of photos and recorded a video. Check ’em out!

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AEW Aftershock 01: A New Era in Pro Wrestling!

Brant & Chris share their thoughts on the premiere episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT in this new fan show, AEW Aftershock!

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Contagion: Are You Infected? | The Chris & Brant Show

Chris and Brant return for a brand new episode of The Chris & Brant Show talking Marvel Comics’ Contagion issue 1 and more!

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Will Birds of Prey Redeem Suicide Squad? | Comic Book Weekly 01

It’s here! The debut episode of Comic Book Weekly! The weekly comic book podcast you should be listening to! This week, the new Birds of Prey trailer dropped. We speculate if the new Birds of  Prey movie will redeem not only Suicide Squad but Harley Quinn herself. Tony Stark will die?! The Baroness cast, Spider-Man still in the MCU, and more will be discussed! Plus, we talk Big Books, Under the Radar, Key Issues and share our Top 5 Comics of the Week!

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DC Comics Solicitations for March 2019: Detective Comics #1000, Jason Todd Returns to Gotham, and the Terminus Agenda!

DC Comics has shared with Comic Frontline solicitation information for products shipping in March 2019. Detective Comics hits #1000! The Unity Saga rages on in Superman as the secrets of the House of El are revealed! Connor Kent’s whereabouts are made known in Young Justice! Doctor Manhattan’s motives come to light in Doomsday Clock! Green Arrow and Black Canary face off! Teen Titans tangle once more with Deathstroke? There’s a new wielder of the dial in Dial H for Hero, and more! Discuss these solicitations in the comments here and share with fellow fans what titles you are most interested in! Click the thumb above for: DC Comics Solicitations for March…

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Media Madness Vidcast 207: DCTV “Elseworlds” Crossover

Welcome to the Media Madness Vidcast! Each week Kat and Jay do a show where they discuss the latest in TV and Movie news, and sometimes we are joined by other members of Comic Frontline or other members of the YouTube Community! This week Jay, Comic Book Theater, & Kat, Comic  Uno are joined by Andrew, LegendStorm TV to discuss The CW‘s DCTV Crossover Event “ELSEWORDS“!!!! This Week’s Madness: Talking The CW DCTV Crossover Elseworlds!: Intro Promotion Initial Thoughts Elseworlds:  Anti Meta-human Adaptive Zootomic Organism as Amazo Bob Frazer as Roger Hayden / Psycho Pirate Jeremy Davies as John Deegan / Dr. Destiny LaMonica Garrett as Mar Novu / The Monitor John…

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The Countdown Has Begun: Seasons One and Two Enhanced Episodes Debut!

The Countdown Has Begun: Seasons One and Two Enhanced Episodes Debut! Starting tomorrow, December 4th and every Tuesday through December 25th enhanced episodes from season 1 and 2 of Young Justice will be released. Each episode will feature commentary, interviews and inside information from from a wide range of Young Justice experts – from stars of the Whelmed podcast Rich Howard, Emily Buza, and Neal Powell (the superfans who helped to bring the show back to DC Universe), to DC experts like Sam Humphries, Bernard Chang, James Tynion IV and of course Young Justice producers Greg Weisman and Brandon Vietti and art director Phil Bourassa. A preview of the enhanced episodes is…

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