Doomsday Clock Restores DC History?!

Doomsday Clock

Doomsday Clock #12 is out, the final issue of the epic with huge hints and implications for the future! Plus, X-Force #4, who died? City of Bane ends, gaming, wrestling and more on The Chris & Brant Show!

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The Inner Circle | AEW Aftershock 02


The Inner Circle has been formed, are they going to take over AEW? Thoughts on AEW Dark, AEW Dynamite and more!

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AEW Aftershock 01: A New Era in Pro Wrestling!

Brant & Chris share their thoughts on the premiere episode of AEW Dynamite on TNT in this new fan show, AEW Aftershock!

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Contagion: Are You Infected? | The Chris & Brant Show

Chris and Brant return for a brand new episode of The Chris & Brant Show talking Marvel Comics’ Contagion issue 1 and more!

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AEW Goes All Out

  August 31st, AEW returned to Pay-Per-View and laid it all on the line, featuring a bout to crown the first ever AEW World Champion and much more.    Warning: There may be spoilers for AEW All Out below.   AEW (All Elite Wrestling) has come out strong with their first few Pay-Per-Views, taking care to showcase as much of their talent as they possibly can. With their TV deal starting soon (October 2nd) on TNT, they have really been pushing the brand and trying to build awareness. TNT, so far, has also been…

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