Which Characters Should Join DC Comics’ Black Label? | Topic Time


This week, the Frontline crew discuss which characters other than Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman should join DC Comics’ Black Label. Some names that came up were Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy, Green Arrow, Justice League and more!

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IDW Limited Unlocks the Mysteries of Keyhouse

IDW Limited Unlocks the Mysteries of Keyhouse Deluxe Limited-Edition Hardcover Collects Locke & Key: Head Games In Ultra-Exclusive Format San Diego, CA The story of Locke & Key may be coming to a close, but IDW Limited is just getting started. Available today from IDW Limited, fans can pre-order Locke & Key: Head Games in a new Deluxe, Limited-Edition Format . This oversized hardcover comes packaged in an exclusive tray case and cover only available through this release. Each book is packed with extras, including: an exclusive photo portfolio, a Head or…

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