Is Black Widow Alive? | Comic Book Weekly

Is Black Widow Alive

This week on our comic book podcast, we ponder “Is Black Widow Alive?” as we talk about the new Black Widow trailer and more as the cast of Comic Frontline converges on Comic Book Weekly at 10pm ET on YouTube and Twitch for their comic book podcast to discuss the latest in comic news and weekly comics, including Top 5, Under the Radar, Chopping Block, Key Issues and more!

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How Jonathan Hickman Changed the X-Men For The Better?

In this week’s topic video I discuss how Jonathan Hickman’s Powers of X and House of X instilled a new excitement for the X-Men franchise as it put mutant themes on its head with the discoveries of Krakoa.. What are you expecting from Maraunders #1, X-Men #1, X-Force #1, Excalibur #1, New Mutants #1 and Fallen Angels #1.

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SDCC 2019 | The Dawn Of X Is Upon Us With 6 New Titles!

MARVEL COMICS ANNOUNCES THE DAWN OF X WITH SIX  NEW SERIES BEGINNING THIS FAL Following the historic House of X and Powers of X, these new series  will usher in the next era of X-Men With just days until HOUSE OF X #1 hits store shelves, Marvel announced six brand-new ongoing series with a suite of all-star creative teams to take mutantkind further than they’ve ever gone before, kicking off with X-MEN, EXCALIBUR, MARAUDERS, NEW MUTANTS, FALLEN ANGELS, AND X-FORCE! Announced at Marvel’s Next Big Thing Panel at San Diego Comic-Con,…

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