Which Characters Should Join DC Comics’ Black Label? | Topic Time


This week, the Frontline crew discuss which characters other than Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman should join DC Comics’ Black Label. Some names that came up were Booster Gold, Blue Beetle, Donna Troy, Green Arrow, Justice League and more!

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Teen Lantern’s Origin Revealed! | Comic Book Weekly 02

Teen Lantern's Origin Revealed

This week, Teen Lantern’s origin is revealed in Young Justice #9, Immortal Hulk gets an Absolute Carnage tie-in, Ms. Marvel is a playable character in the upcoming Avengers video game, Al Ewing takes over writing Guardians of the Galaxy, Donny Cates to write Thor, a few wrestling sidetracks, and more will be discussed!

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Will Birds of Prey Redeem Suicide Squad? | Comic Book Weekly 01

It’s here! The debut episode of Comic Book Weekly! The weekly comic book podcast you should be listening to! This week, the new Birds of Prey trailer dropped. We speculate if the new Birds of  Prey movie will redeem not only Suicide Squad but Harley Quinn herself. Tony Stark will die?! The Baroness cast, Spider-Man still in the MCU, and more will be discussed! Plus, we talk Big Books, Under the Radar, Key Issues and share our Top 5 Comics of the Week!

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Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 9/25/19

Welcome Comic Frontline‘s Top 5 Panels! This is where the Frontline Five unite to pick their Top 5 comic panels from the week, and then you guys get to vote below which panel was your favorite. In next week’s post, we will announce the winner from the poll. Fan Panel Pick From Last Week – House of X #5 – Handshake Felt ‘Round the World/Welcome Home KAT Honorable Mention  – Batgirl #39 – I Could Do Anything  I really enjoyed Bab’s commentary about her time as Oracle and how that role helped her with her trauma. …

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DC Comics Solicitations For September 2019: Millenium!

DC Comics has shared with Comic Frontline solicitation information for products shipping in September 2019. Year Of The Villain continues with Lex Luthor and The Riddler! Discover The Origins Of Harley Quinn in Harleen! Legion Millenium! After the Invasion, meet the Inferior Five! Frankenstein recruits the Gotham City Monsters! Flash Forward to Wally West‘s redemption and more! Discuss these solicitations in the comments here and share with fellow fans what titles you are most interested in! Click the thumb above for: DC Comics Solicitations For September 2019: Millenium! To find a comic shop near you, visit Comic Shop Locator or call 1-888-Comic-Book. For comics anytime, anywhere check out DC Comics Store and DC Digital Comics Follow & Like On Twitter, Facebook, Google +, YouTube, Pinterest, & Vine…

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