Kickstart the Week(end) with The Deadliest Bouquet

Kickstart the Week Deadliest Bouquet

By: Nicole D’Andria Today, I’m talking with the creator and writer of The Deadliest Bouquet, Erica Shultz, about creating compelling family dynamics and punching out some Nazis. Her graphic novel follows three sisters on their investigation to find out who killed their Nazi-hunting mother in 1998.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Turner Family Terrors 1-2: Horror-Comedy-Adventure

Kickstart the Week Turner Family Terrors #2

By: Nicole D’Andria Robert Krisch returns on “Kickstart the Week” to talk about his second Kickstarter for the Turner Family Terrors comic book. Part Hellboy, part The Simpsons, this adult horror comedy has already blasted past its goal and is looking to push itself to fulfill even more stretch goals.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with HEAVENS DECODED (Part 1 of 3)

Kickstart the Week Heavens Decoded

By: Nicole D’Andria The Cyfer Comics Universe begins here with Heavens Decoded Part 1: Shadows of the Ancient Architect. It’s the beginning of a science-fiction and fantasy trilogy that promises to be out-of-this-world. I spoke with creator and writer Rony Lescouflair about his series and the future of his universe.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with LET ME OUT – A Queer Horror Graphic Novel

By: Nicole D’Andria The adult horror graphic novel LET ME OUT features a cast of LGBT+ characters created by a marginalized creative team who want to pay tribute to queer cinema and vintage revenge fantasy flicks. Learn more about the project from the creator and writer of LET ME OUT, Emmett Nahil.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Reburn #1

Kickstart the Week Reburn #1

By: Nicole D’Andria The all-female team of Reburn has already raised over $10,000 for their Kickstarter campaign, and with almost three weeks to go, the campaign is on its way to hitting multiple stretch goals. Learn more about the dystopian world introduced in Reburn in an in-depth interview with the creator and editor of the series.

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(PODCAST) Kickstart the Week with Band of Warriors #1

Kickstart the Week Band of Warriors #1

Welcome to the second episode of the Kickstart the Week podcast! This is your Comic Maven Nicole D’Andria. I’ve done hundreds of text interviews with creators of crowdfunding projects, typically for comic books on Kickstarter. I feel very honored that my second guest is the founder of Signal Comics, Samuel George London. Today we’re talking about his Kickstarter for Band of Warriors #1, which combines historical events with a mixture of Celtic and Greek mythology. Sam is the creator and writer of this mature series, which is perfect for fans…

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Kickstart the Week with Future Primitive Mag #1

Kickstart the Week Future Primitive Mag #1

By: Nicole D’Andria Learn more about the timeless continent, Ultima Pangea, in this relaunch of the Future Primitive series, previously published by Markosia Enterprises. Taking inspiration from retro sci-fi and fantasy mags like Heavy Metal, Savage Sword of Conan, Warren’s 1984/94, Epic Illustrated, and more, I spoke with members of the Future Primitive creative team about this Kickstarter launch.

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(PODCAST) Kickstart the Week with The Last Ember: Hunted #1 – Urban Fantasy Mystery Comic

Welcome to the very first Kickstart the Week podcast! I’m your Comic Maven Nicole D’Andria, and I’ve done hundreds of text interviews with creators of crowdfunding projects, typically for comic books on Kickstarter. I feel very honored that my first guest is a fellow member of Comic Frontline, Brant Fowler. Brant is the publisher of Last Ember Press, and we are talking about his Kickstarter for The Last Ember: Hunted #1, which he not only wrote but also did the letters and the logo. The book is a coming of…

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Like Father, Like Daughter #1-6

By: Nicole D’Andria Continue the superhero drama faced by Casey Ryder in this Kickstarter featuring the first 6 issues of Like Father, Like Daughter! Published for the first time under the Comic Uno brand! I talked in-depth with the creator herself, Kat Calamia!

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Kickstart the Week(end) with RED WINTER: FALLOUT #1 – A Crime Noir Comic Book Thriller

By: Nicole D’Andria RED WINTER: FALLOUT #1 is the beginning of a sequel series to the crime noir story published by Scout Comics! I spoke with the creator/writer of the series, Michael Gordon (Transdimensional, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man), who is offering the entire first issue of the previous series here for people eager to jump into the series.

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Indiegogo the Week(end) with Nocturnal Commissions: A macabre monster mystery!

By: Nicole D’Andria A werewolf, a vampire, and a zombie walk into a bar… I mean, open a detective agency in Nocturnal Commissions! This latest Indiegogo project is a cross between X-Files and Monster Squad. Learn more from the creative team themselves!

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Kickstart the Week with Enlightenment, one-shot psychological horror comic

By: Nicole D’Andria This week we’re taking a look at a psychological horror one-shot from a first-time creator. Learn about the story of Enlightenment and its portrayal of mental illness from the writer.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman

By: Nicole D’Andria Jason Martin (Vampblade, Amalgama: Space Zombie) and Marco Maccagni (Vampblade, Road Trip to Hell, Monster M.D.) bring us an action-packed and sexy romp starring Swiss Army Woman. The first tale of Swiss Army Woman from the Pulp Girls series (which previously featured Martin’s PRINCE-S STARthief), get in on the ground floor with their Kickstarter.

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Kickstart the Week with A Supernatural Western Adventure Comic: Billy the Kit #1

  By: Nicole D’Andria Justin Gray has taken us to the west before with Jonah Hex and All-Star Western. Now, he returns to the western genre with Billy the Kit, a rabbit gunslinger who wants vengeance against a tornado god. After a tornado god kills his family, sole survivor Billy Langham vows to get his vengeance. Billy learns from the profanity-spewing martial arts master Luther the Goat and becomes a gunslinger hunting tornado gods. The world of Billy the Kit is created by writer Justin Gray (Standstill, TheAdventures of Penelope…

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Kickstart the Week(end) with Coronary Episodes 1-3

By: Nicole D’Andria We previously talked with the Coronary creative team in-depth about their Kickstarter for Coronary: Episode Two. Now we’re covering the first three issues of the action-packed romance series, which the creators call “Black Mirror meets Romeo and Juliet”. Want free plastic surgery? Then enter the world of Coronary, where London has numerous cosmetic surgeons, lifestyle coaches and pill-pushers more than willing to help you get your beauty fix! This story is about Justin, a neurotic businessman whose world is turned upside down by the freethinking Luna. The…

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