The Inner Circle | AEW Aftershock 02


The Inner Circle has been formed, are they going to take over AEW? Thoughts on AEW Dark, AEW Dynamite and more!

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Zenescope Creators Speak… On Grimm Tales of Horror

Zenescope Creators Speak… On Grimm Tales of Horror #1! Usually to promote a book a publisher has a P.R. Director send out a solicitation in a press release written by the P.R. Director, but Zenescope Entertainment is breaking from traditional industry promotional practices and cutting out the middle man by allowing the Creators Speak with the fans about their July books. With the cut-off for Pre-Order dates for July releases fast-approaching RALPH TEDESCO and NICOLE GLADE, the writer and editor behind Zenescope Entertainment’s upcoming, upcoming series, GRIMM TALES OF TERROR have a message for readers and retailers letting you know why…

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