Relaunching Celestial Falcon


Chris DiBuduo and Brant Fowler gear up to relaunch Celestial Falcon #1 Deluxe Edition on Kickstarter and talk about what the book is about and how they will handle things differently this time around.

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Are Relaunches & Reboots Good or Bad for the Comic Industry?

On a recent episode of my podcast, Zone 4, we discussed comic book relaunches and reboots as the main topic. As fate would have it, I lost internet and was unable to participate in said discussion. Far be it from me, though, to not have my voice heard on the subject, hence this article. Before I get into the meat of the topic, let me define these terms as I understand them, or rather as I intend them to be for the purposes of this piece: Relaunch Starting a comic…

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