Kickstart the Week(end) with Death of a Necromancer

Kickstart the Week Death of a Necromancer

By: Nicole D’Andria I’m speaking once again to Nick Bryan, this time about Death of a Necromancer, which its Kickstarter page calls a “fun-grim pop-goth spooky provincial saga.” Nick Bryan and Robert Ahmad are reuniting once again since And It Snowed to invite readers to a small English town that welcomes a necromancer and plenty of hijinks.

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Introspection with Cut-Man Comic Book Writer Alexander Banks-Jongman

By: Nicole D’Andria Cut-Man is described as “a love letter to noir and thriller cinema.” The six-issue mini-series is inspired by the works of Tom King (Mister Miracle, Vision), Scott Snyder (Batman), and Grant Morrison (Animal Man). It also takes inspiration from noir and thriller cinema, such as the works of David Fincher (Se7en and Gone Girl). We get a peek behind the introspective curtain of this digital-first title from creator/writer Alexander Banks-Jongman.

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Kickstart the Week(end) with And It Snowed – an epic journey across a cold town

By: Nicole D’Andria Jack Frost does more than nip at your nose in the black and white one-shot And It Snowed! Creator Nick Bryan explores the concepts of his Monochrome Trilogy offered through his latest Kickstarter.

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