Teen Lantern’s Origin Revealed! | Comic Book Weekly 02

Teen Lantern's Origin Revealed

This week, Teen Lantern’s origin is revealed in Young Justice #9, Immortal Hulk gets an Absolute Carnage tie-in, Ms. Marvel is a playable character in the upcoming Avengers video game, Al Ewing takes over writing Guardians of the Galaxy, Donny Cates to write Thor, a few wrestling sidetracks, and more will be discussed!

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Top 5 Panels Of The Week – 10/2/19

Welcome to Comic Frontline’s Top 5 Panels! Each week, the cast of Comic Frontline unite to pick our Top 5 comic book panels from the week, and then you all get to vote below on which panel was your favorite! In next week’s post, we will announce the winner from the poll. Explore our favorite comics from 10/2/19.

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Spider- Slayer’s Comic Book Haul | New Comic Books 10-02-19

Spider-Slayer’s Comic Book Haul #392 | New Comic Books 10-02-19 Welcome to Spider-Slayer’s Haul #392. This is the video series where each and every week I show you the fans which

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